October 28, 2013

The wonderful Y family - San Francisco Family Photography

I fell in love with this family pretty much immediately. They took no time to warm up to me and by the end of our session, I felt like I was family too! We only spent a couple hours together, but some people just touch your heart! 

We started out at the Presidio, took a short stop at the beach (which was too cold, windy and busy) and ended at the Palace of Fine Arts.

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September 8, 2013

Back to School! ~ Solano County Portrait Photographer, Suisun City, California

So I found this cool old school chair at the thrift store just in time for back-to-school! I knew it was too late to offer BTS mini session, but I had to use it for something… so I made my kids do it. Yes, that's pretty much how it goes these days. I just have to boss those big kids around. 

Then a bunch of stuff went wrong, the location I picked had been taken over by a homeless person, we had to regroup and find another spot before it was too dark. Then the wind picked up. Like crazy. The apple went rolling, book pages were flying. Hair everywhere. Oh, fun times :D!!!

I was about to throw in the towel and have a temper tantrum (I can do that when photographing my own children, right?). But the girls were full of ideas "Let's crumple up some paper and throw it, that will look cool in the wind" and "Let's see if I can balance a book and an apple on top of my head". So we did just that… and had fun in the wind. Sometimes it pays off to just go with the flow! I should already know that by now, lol.

So here are my girls, starting 7th and 8th Grade this year… time flies. Crazy. 

 photo bts1.jpg  photo bts2.jpg  photo bts9.jpg  photo bts3.jpg  photo bts.jpg  photo bts7.jpg  photo bts5.jpg  photo bts4.jpg  photo bts6.jpg  photo bts8.jpg
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September 3, 2013

Engell Family * Fairfield, CA * Extended Family Photography

So this session gave me a big load of anxiety. I'm not really a people person and facing a big extended family made me super nervous! But there was no way I could turn Judy down. She was both my daughter's teacher for 4th & 5th grade. I love her and so do my girls!!!

And you know what? It all went wonderful! Lots of laughs, hugs and hershey kisses ;-).

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August 25, 2013

V Family * Suisun City, CA * Solano County Family Photographer

This session was super special to me. See the sweet boy down there? He has autism. His mom and I emailed back and forth many times before this shoot. I felt it was important to know as much as possible about Jordan's condition. His autism is mild to moderate, as you'll see, he does make beautiful eye contact =). And his sister, oh, she's a model in the making!! 

We hunted for ladybugs, watched planes go by and talked about trains a lot =). 

Miriam, you have a gorgeous family inside and out. Thank you for trusting me with your family pictures!

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