November 14, 2010

I Heart Faces Photography Contest * Silhouette

I haven't participated in the "I Heart Faces" contests in a while, but this week's theme caught my eye... actually it more likely caught my brain, which thought of this picture immediately. This is my daughter running through the marsh, while I was trying to get some good pictures of her. I was wishing for her to listen and stand in one place for more than two seconds. But she didn't (not until I came up with a sweet bribe anyways, lol). And you know what? This picture makes me smile, because THIS is so HER. She's my free spirit, the girl who wants to live with a herd of wild mustangs ;-).

For more silhouette pictures, click the link below! Maybe even enter yourself! =D

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Amy said...

Love the sun flare!

Jeramy Sossaman said...

wow! i am so blown away. this is wonderful monika. WONDERFUL! you are so incredibly talented. i'm glad you're finally doing this. :-)

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