January 8, 2011

Let's do 52 * Week 1

I've always wanted to participate in some sort of yearly project, but I felt overwhelmed by the thought of taking & posting a picture every single day of the year. Then I came across this:

Much more feasible!! I'm in... and I hope I can stick to it. My goal is to capture more every day moments, to push my brain and think out of the box. The last one is where I'm having problems... I'm very much an inside the box girl. But I'll try!!

The first week's theme was "new beginnings" and here's my entry:

every day is a new beginning ~ 1 / 52

Every day is a new beginning.
I love the snuggly, cozy moments right after my kids wake up.
It's a new day,
a new beginning... full of possibilities.

Now go ahead and click on the above link to Annie's blog and read all about it =), you should join too!! This is for everybody, no matter where you are with your photography!

Lastly a link to the flickr group, that's where we will all post our weekly images... click HERE.
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Casey said...

This is a fave!! I love the soft colors and it definitely captures the theme. Just beautiful.

Maybe I'll join this... 365 was way too much for me! lol.

Monika said...

Do it, Casey!!! And thank you =).

Michelle said...

LOVE IT Monika!

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