January 15, 2011

Let's do 52 * Week 2

This week's themes were "togetherness" or "metal". Oh, I had so many ideas how to show togetherness... but then life got in the way. The kids went back to school. Homework had to be done. And it rained... or was foggy.

So I ended up with a less-than-perfect image taken during a walk with our pup Claire. It truly shows togetherness for me, walking the dog with my girls... there's nothing else to do but talk to each other, enjoy each other's company. You know how sometimes the entire family can be in the same room... together to the eye, but each person is doing their own thing? We tend to do that a lot. That's why I treasure the moments when there's nothing but true togetherness!

Togetherness 2/52
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