January 16, 2011

Taylor + Matilda Jane Clothing = Spread the LOVE

If you know me, you already know I'm a huge fan of Matilda Jane Clothing =). I love the adorable clothes, the people who make up MJC and the friends I met thanks to the company. Back in November, Denise (the owner of MJC) decided it was time to spread the love in a BIG way... you can read it here. I asked my girls if they wanted to nominate somebody, and immediately they mentioned their teacher. They typed their email carefully and sent it off crossing their fingers tight.

Hi Miss Denise
We would like to nominate our teacher Mrs E. She spends a lot of money on us, she always gives us rewards like donuts and gift cards for the book store. She acts like it's no big deal, but we know teachers don't earn a lot of money. She also loves us like family and we think she deserves a special present. She has a granddaughter named Taylor, she is 1 1/2 years old and lives by San Diego. That is pretty far from us and she doesn't get to see her very often. We can tell she misses her a lot. She always gets totally happy when she gets to visit her. Oh, and she had four boys, so it's very special that her first grandbaby is a girl!! Girls rock!! We think Taylor would look so cute in Matilda Jane.

Well, a few weeks later, their teacher indeed received a big box of goodies!! For herself and her granddaughter Taylor! She was amazed, I was amazed... we all were amazed. Can you tell =)?

A big, fat
THANK YOU goes to Matilda Jane Clothing!

The story doesn't end here. Taylor came to visit for Christmas and her family was happy to meet me on Christmas Eve to have a little photo shoot with Taylor. Pretty amazing, huh? Thank you, E Family!!

Enjoy the cuteness below =).

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Laura said...

How exciting! Your girls are so amazing! I got a few sniffles reading their letter. Such big, warm hearts. And of course, the pics are amazing too!!!

Schauss Family Happenings said...

How sweet and what a little cutie!

Anonymous said...

Thank you and your wonderful daughters for all of the amazing attention that you gave to the E family! We are lucky to have you all in our lives :)

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