February 28, 2011

Sister Love * Suisun City Children Photography

Darling little sisters, as sweet as they can be!

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February 26, 2011

Sweetly Fallen

Darling hair accessories to match Matilda Jane's House of Clouds line by Sweetly Fallen! I seriously am in love with these...

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February 24, 2011

Matilda Jane * Photo Love Contest * Part 1

I mentioned a while ago that I entered a photography contest by none other than Matilda Jane Clothing. I was super thrilled and surprised to make it through the first round (close to 1'000 entries and only 59 made the cut!!). For the second round all 59 lucky ones received the same outfit and were told to photograph it in any manner they please... the only requirement was that all three pieces must be in the picture.

When the long awaited box arrived, three squealing girls ripped it open to find a dress, striped straightees and a green flower clip. Grace immediately put on the dress... and I had a flash-back to a picture of my mom. Short dress and boots, taken somewhen in the 70's.

I decided to go with that idea for our first shoot. Yes, you heard that right... there was more than one. That's why this blog post is titled "part 1", lol.

So we did the shoot on a surprisingly warm Friday afternoon. Grace in her short, short dress, lacy knee socks and very favorite cowgirl boots. Did I mention the dress is SHORT? I already started doubting my vision five minutes into it. What was I thinking? This is for a kid's clothing company and who's going to look a these? MOMS. And what are moms concerned about? Modesty.

So guess what? None of these were my final entry for the contest =). I just couldn't do it.

But I still would love to share with you. Enjoy our 70's inspired art fair.

So how much are these pants?

Say WHAT? You can't be serious!

Yup, she's a goofball ;-)

Oh, look... she bought the pants! And some sneakers too, lol.

Stay tuned for part 2... with my final entry!!!

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February 12, 2011

My Tween

Dear Erina,
will you please stop growing up? I mean, look at yourself. You look like a beautiful young lady, not like a little girl anymore. Stop it, pretty please... actually, could you just shrink a bit?


You do look gorgeous. I just have to accept that you're not little anymore.

I guess it's time to lock you up ;-).
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February 7, 2011

We have a WINNER!!!

Yes, we have a winner for the giveaway from the Matilda Jane Premiere Parties!!!!

Shannon had eight qualifying orders =). I used random.org to pick a number between 1 and 8... I actually let Grace press the "generate" button... and the winner was:

Number 8!!!
Funny enough that's my favorite number.

By now you're sitting at the edge of your seat... wondering... who... who... WHO... is lucky number 8???

It is...


Congratulations, Laura!!!

Please contact me at mmcsp@comcast.net to book your free session =).

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February 5, 2011

Matilda Jane this and that...

It's been an exciting few months for me in the Matilda Jane department =). Grace was invited to be part of the adult photo shoot in November, she was the only kid there and simply had a blast. She loved spending time with the adult models, two of them also work for MJC and to Grace it was almost like meeting celebrities, lol. All in all it was a magical weekend, the scenery, the house where the shoot took place... and most of all the people. So many laughs! My husband even commented that his cheeks hurt from all the smiling & laughing.

You can find a few pictures of Grace in the adult catalog (which I still don't even have in my needy little hands... otherwise I would scan a few pics and show you). There's also a few on
MJC's website... check the tween brook skirt or the tween lagoon tee =).

This is my favorite, simply because our puppy made the picture =). LOVE that outfit and promptly ordered it on opening day (well, minus the leggings, since they didn't come out yet).

Then there's the
Photo Love contest. MJC had almost a thousand entries and only 50 made it to the second round. I still can't believe I made the first cut!!!! For the next round the top 50 will receive the same dress, photograph it in any manner... then MJC will pick the top 10 and from there it's public voting. I can hardly wait to see the dress and get my creative juices flowing!!

This is the picture I sent in for round one.

And last but not least, an update about the giveaway at the MJC premiere show! As you can all imagine, our trunk keeper was absolutely super duper busy this week. Opening week is crazy!!! I'm waiting for her to let me know how many orders qualified (she will simply number the orders from 1 - ?), then I will use random.org to pick a number and Shannon will let me know who the lucky winner is!! Hopefully I'll be able to announce the winner by Monday =).
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