March 2, 2011

Matilda Jane * Photo Love Contest * Part 2

If you didn't see part 1, click here or scroll down a few posts =).

Okay, so after editing pictures from the first shoot, I wasn't happy with the look. To me Matilda Jane is romantic & playful with a touch of funkiness... it makes my girl stand out from the crowd while still looking like a little girl. So I pondered over outfit combos, I didn't just want to put the three pieces together. That seemed boring and too easy =). I wanted to show a bit of creativity while staying true to what MJC represents to me (which didn't happen in my part 1 shoot, lol... goodness, did my girl look grown-up!!!).

Grace was a trooper and tried on many different combos... and we both knew when we had IT.

Meet the traveling gal... always looking for an adventure. She dreams of running away, no homework, no chores. Just freedom.

Did she catch a wish?

Singing as loud as she can about her hopes and dreams.

Wondering which way she should go and HOW she would get away.

Oh, she spies some horses. Surely one of them will carry her. Better pack up that suitcase!

"Hi, would you take me to the place of my dreams?" - "Sorry... I'm busy eating my dinner"

Then she meets Apollo, the wisest and mightiest horse of them all. He was whispering, I could not hear a thing.

Did he agree to swoop her up?

My guess is no. He's gone.

"Noooooo, come back" she yells. But he does not return.

So the little gal makes her way back to her cosy house. Finishing her homwork and crawling into her familiar bed.

Life is good.
Just the way it is.
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e miller photography-Salem Oregon Photography said...

love it! So inspired! which one did you send in?

Monika said...

Ha, forgot to mention that, lol. I sent in the 7th pic from the top... the one where she's listening to the horse whisper =).

Dee said...

I really love the 2nd to last pic where she's leaning back. beautiful.

Wendy Biel said...


lau7171 said...

monika, this is my favorite shoot ever from you, you go girl!!

it's beautiful, soft, mystical, and fun, wrapped all in one pretty little pkg.

btw, could you send me the link to the pink headband, if it' available to purchase?
thanks and good luck!!!!!!!

Monika said...

Thank you =)!

Little Mrs. said...

Oh WOW!! These are amazing! Love them all!!!!!

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