March 1, 2011

The Web of Friendship

This is the story of Val and her sweet chickens. They have a very sad story to tell. Cancer took away Val's dear husband, the chicken's daddy. I've been following Val's blog for a while, she has an incredible way with words... she pulls you in, lets you feel all her emotions. You can read her story here, but make sure to get some tissues first.

I feel like I know Val, even though I have never exchanged any words with her. The internet is an amazing thing... no wonder it's called the world wide web. Yes, in this case a web of friendship was weaved. We are all connected, even though we might not know all the friends we have dangling in that delicate web. In Val's case her web is huge... expanding by the minute. Her friends from near and far want to help her in this dark time.

And that's where Jami comes in. The fabulous mastermind of sunshine. Together with Denise (from Matilda Jane Clothing) she organized "The House of Koop" auction, which turned out to be HUGE. Really HUGE.

Please check it out. There's so many wonderful items to bid on!

I donated a photo session... so if you are in the SF bay area & need family pics done, now is the time to bid =).

The proceeds will go to a company that will help give Val support by way of nutritious meals, childcare, grocery shopping, household chores and SO much more. They can do all the things we wish we could do, but can’t.

Thank you for reading =).
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tleshia farrar said...

My name is Tleshia Farrar and I WON the session you donated!!! I'm so excited to help Val and get pictures by you in the process. My husband is living in San Fran right now doing some training, we are from North Carolina. Lilly Kate (our daughter) and myself are living in Georgia with my parents while he finishes his training.....we are flying out on the 20th of this month and will be in town for a month. I will call you and see if we can set something up. I'm so excited to be able to meet you and complete the chain of friendship of women helping women that Denise wrote about. Thanks again!
Tleshia Farrar

Monika said...

Hi Thleshia!!! I'm so excited to meet you and your family =). We'll talk about all the details soon. Thank you SO MUCH for bidding!

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