May 18, 2011

One Sweet Family

I've tried to write this post for DAYS... more like WEEKS! But no words can express how special this session was.

Meet the Farrar Family. They were kind enough to bid on the session I donated to the "House of Koop" auctions. Shortly after the auction ended, Tleshia and I started emailing back and forth. I found out that their family was on a special journey and the destination was still a big question mark. This journey brought her husband to San Francisco, but Tleshia and their little daughter Lilly Kate were staying behind in Georgia. I find their story inspiring and brave. You can read more on Tleshia's blog =).

We met when Tleshia & Lilly Kate came to San Francisco in April. Oh, my. They were so sweet with their southern accent and love spilling over their full hearts. We had such a fun afternoon together, even though it was cold and windy.

Lilly Kate... again, no words. Such a polite little one with a huge vocabulary. But the word that repeated itself was "sweet". She kept telling me "Miss Monika, you are SOOOO SWEEEEET", how stinkin' cute is that??

She even got a carousel ride for being so good =).

Then we headed to Crissy Field in hopes of some gorgeous beach images. But the wind... oh my... the wind. Sand was blowing around and it was downright chilly.

And Lilly Kate really just wanted to play in the sand =).

Our last stop was the Palace of Fine Arts, where we found some shelter from the wind. Woohoo!

Lilly Kate was impressed by this huge door. Her curious mind wanted to know who was in there and WHY nobody was answering her knocking.

Thank you, Farrar Family! I truly enjoyed spending time with you!
My web of friendship has expanded yet again ;-)!

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Amy said...

What a beautiful family! I've always loved your photography. It's so bright and colorful!

Tleshia said...

What kind words about my family!! I've told you from the beginning that I've felt a kindred friendship with you. What a blessing to have found a friend in such a helpful way!!! We still are talking about "Miss Monika" all the time!!!! Thank you for everything!!

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