June 29, 2011

Faking the Fourth!

We won't be in the States to celebrate the big day! We're leaving for our annual trip to Switzerland this coming Sunday and will arrive there on the 4th. I figured Grace could still use an outfit for the occasion and this lovely set from Lil Blue Boo won us over =). It's simply the perfect comfy thing to wear on a long flight too.

I wanted to get some pics of Grace in it, so we did a little "let's pretend we're watching a parade" shoot. You could say we were faking the fourth, minus fireworks!

Grace is 9 1/2 and probably about 50 inches tall. We got the dress in a size 8 to fit more like a tunic, the leggings are size 7/8 and fit her full length (but can easily be pulled up a bit for a cropped look).

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June 23, 2011

Finally some BOYS!!

Yes, I'm mighty excited to show off these handsome boys. I don't know why, but my clients are mostly girls these days. It was so much fun to goof around with boys for once =)!


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June 20, 2011

Happy Times in Lil Blue Boo

Sweet Kiarra showed up to her recent photo shoot all decked out in Lil Blue Boo. We love LBB, it's the perfect attire for girls who love to be stylish but still comfortable! I think Kiarra's mom is hooked now too ;-).

Headband by Chickapee Creations

I love this outfit on Kiarra, it's so cheery, just like her!!

We also took a few of Kiarra & Grace =). They were all giggles and full of silliness! Their hair accessories are from Dolce Vita Mia.

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June 10, 2011

Lemonade Girl * Suisun City, CA Children's Photography *

We just got this adorable lemonade tank in the mail from Vintage Lucy's and well... we decided to have some fun with it!!

Meet Lemonade Girl, she swoops down from the sky to rescue lemonade ;-). Be prepared for total picture overload, I was feeling very snap happy =D!!!

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