June 29, 2011

Faking the Fourth!

We won't be in the States to celebrate the big day! We're leaving for our annual trip to Switzerland this coming Sunday and will arrive there on the 4th. I figured Grace could still use an outfit for the occasion and this lovely set from Lil Blue Boo won us over =). It's simply the perfect comfy thing to wear on a long flight too.

I wanted to get some pics of Grace in it, so we did a little "let's pretend we're watching a parade" shoot. You could say we were faking the fourth, minus fireworks!

Grace is 9 1/2 and probably about 50 inches tall. We got the dress in a size 8 to fit more like a tunic, the leggings are size 7/8 and fit her full length (but can easily be pulled up a bit for a cropped look).

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Jeramy Sossaman said...

i don't know if a foreigner is aloud to write a blog post titled 'faking fourth'. :-)

enjoy your trip. we'll miss you. oh...i LOVE that last image!

Anonymous said...

love the whole shoot, have a wonderful time!!

Laura & Miss Cheeks

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