February 14, 2012

I heart faces *hearts*

I'm very last minute for this week's challenge... I was actually going to skip a week, I just didn't think I would have time for anything creative. Well, I proved myself wrong. We snatched some heart shape sunglasses, taped a black paper with a heart shape cut out on my lens and headed outside today after school.

I had never tried to make bokeh shapes before and was surprised how well it worked! Our lemon tree made the perfect backdrop and lemons were turned into hearts.

I seriously pondered over color or b&w for about an hour. Like I have nothing better to do, lol. Both my kids like the b&w version better... so I'm going with it. Even though I really like the yellow heart bokeh in the color version ;-).

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Amy Jo said...

I did the heart shaped bokeh this year, too, but mine didn't come out nearly as lovely!

Casey said...

Super cute picture! Almost looks vintage!~ I love it

Bre Sessions said...

Love the bokeh, what a cool idea. You just put a cut out heart shae over the lens and it changed the shape? I didn't realize that would work that way.

Monika said...

Here's a tutorial... it only works if you have lights or something else bright in the background.

Elizabeth Hall said...

Great shot! Love the bokeh... shaped bokeh is still on my list of things to try

Jaymie @ Pickled Images said...

Love this - must try!!

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