February 6, 2012

Sweet Funky Vintage *Central Park*

I had the pleasure to shoot some of Sweet Funky Vintage's spring line and it's finally time to share! I'm in love with the apple polka dot ruffles!!! The line is called "Central Park" and I was asked to shoot in an urban setting. So we roamed the back alleys of our little downtown... we sure encountered some "interesting" people, but Grace kept her game face on ;-).

I'm also trying out some new blog boards from SP Design, I think I like them!!!

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Beth said...

oh I love those blog boards! Great shoot! The very bottom one with the reflection is my favorite!

Monika said...

Thanks, Beth!! I thought the pics looked a little soft... then I realized that I had the photobucket upload setting too small, so it resized the board smaller than it should be. Got it fixed now and I like it much better, lol.

Tleshia said...

:-) the bottom is my favorite as well!! super fun pictures to match the super cute model and clothes :-)

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