September 24, 2012


I find it funny that this is my hard to photograph child. I think I finally have her figured out!! 

These were test shots that I took before a client session... I just wanted to check the light, how the location would look. And since my big kid was with me, I had her be my test model. Usually these shots get deleted right away... but this time I forgot and I'm sure glad I did.

She thought I would delete these shots... she was not worried about how she posed or smiled... she was just her sassy self. I got HER in these shots... 100 percent! When I take her out on a planned session just for her, she can't relax like this.

And the second image... notice the body shape drawn in chalk? I sure hope that we weren't standing on a crime scene!! I didn't even see it until I started editing! How creepy is that??? It was probably just some kids playing with chalk, right? In an icky back alley... mhhhh... on a brighter note, I love how her skirt just happens to match the garbage containers... and her serious face, yup, love that too =D.

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