September 13, 2012

Playing! * Suisun City, CA * Children's Photography

If I ever feel like playing with my camera and need a model, all I have to say is "Let's go to Rush Ranch!" My girl loves this place!! It's close to home, but makes us feel like we're living the country life.  There's plenty of space to run around, plenty of critters to meet, plenty of fresh air to wind down.

On this pretty evening, I felt like playing with backlight and overcoming my fear of a bright sky. We arrived when the sun was just a tad up too high in the sky for my liking. But I did it and actually kinda, sorta like the result =D!!

My girl found a bunny... it must be the ranch's new pet. It couldn't have been a wild one, since it hopped right up to my girly and followed her around. And of course we had to visit the horses. I can't do a Rush Ranch post without a horse picture ;-). 

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