October 30, 2012

Campbell Family * Sacramento, CA Family Photography

I met the Campbell Family on a hot August evening in Sacramento. Their little girls were just too adorable (the parents were pretty dang cute too)!!

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October 27, 2012

Glimpse * Suisun City, CA Family Photography

I just realized I only posted a sneak peek of this lovely family session on Facebook (I promised myself to ALWAYS blog these glimpses... due to quality issues on FB).


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October 21, 2012

FALL MINIs * Suisun City, CA * Solano County Photographer

I realize this is a last minute announcement, but I decided to offer just a few minis next weekend. This is for the kiddos only, no family groups. Four spots available, time slots between 3:30 and 5:30. Payment is due in full at time of booking to hold your spot. You will receive 5 high-resolution digital images of photographer's choice with print release (meaning you can print them as often as you please).

Email mmcsp@comcast.net to book.

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October 19, 2012

I Heart Faces Photo Challenge * Friendship * October 2012

I have been absent from IHF ever since the monthly challenges started... I always seem to miss the announcement, silly me! But luckily, I saw this months theme... and immediately thought of this image of two very sweet clients of mine.

Friendship at its best =).

Photo Challenge Submission
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Glimpse * Sonoma, CA Children Photography

Tiny glimpse at yesterday's session with Ashlynn! 

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October 17, 2012

Gracie * Fort Wayne, IN * MJ Art Fair Mini

Gracie was my last client of the day and I must admit, after 7 hours at the park without even a bathroom break... I was pretty beat. I was ready to give her my last energy and expected what I call "the toddler chase" (let's face it, toddlers don't want to sit still and smile for the camera). 

Boy, did I get a big surprise! This little girly is a model in the making, she was just fabulous and so calm. Cute as a button too!!

Matilda Jane Art Fair Minis were such a huge success thanks to all my fabulous clients! THANK YOU for booking with me. I'm hoping to be back next year... but I can't promise just yet ;-).

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Whitley Kate * Fort Wayne, IN * MJ Art Fair Mini

I was so excited to meet this little lady! Her mom and I have known each other online for a long time, so meeting them in person was such a special treat. We had so much fun coaxing a real smile out of Whitley Kate... and I think we succeeded =D! The black & white image you'll see below, it might just be my favorite from the entire day... that's some real joy and happiness right there!

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October 16, 2012

Luke & Sophia * Fort Wayne, IN * MJ Art Fair Mini

I'm almost done blogging these mini sessions from June (two more to go)! I'm sorry it took me so long to post them all, but that happens when one leaves the country and internet behind for almost the entire summer... I have to say, I do love my yearly break from technology... it forces me to slow down (but yes, I was always thrilled to find a Starbucks and at least post some pics to Instagram).

Ok, back to these two loves. Oh, what can I say about them? They are full of life!! I will never forget these kiddos, they earned "most energetic siblings" ever photographed by Monika McSweeney Photography. And I say this lovingly! I honestly liked that they were completely themselves. So don't be surprised to find many action shots below =). Luke also insisted to have his bow & arrow included, but hey, at least he actually looked at me for more than a split second ;-). 


On a side note, if these two lived local, I would totally talk their mom into a "Where the Wild Things Are" themed shoot. Luke would make such a great Max and Sophia would be the cutest Wild Thing =).

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October 14, 2012

Birthday Girl * Suisun City, CA * Children's Photographer

11 years ago at this time I was laying in my bed, trying to sleep through my contractions... thinking it was just false labor. After all baby girl wasn't due to arrive for another week. My husband was at work, baby Erina was sound asleep in her new big girl bed. But I could not sleep... not a wink... by 3 am I called hubby (who worked an hour away) and told him to get his butt home.

Yup, this girl, she was ready to see the world. 

She was born ready. She's my fireball. She's fierce and knows what she wants. She's always on the move, karate kicking and horseback riding through life. She has the best imagination and is not afraid to try new things. She loves to craft & create. She would rather run than walk. She has a shy, quiet side too. She's not a big talker out in public. She's a cuddly thing and knows she'll always be my baby =).

Watching her grow up is such a joy and I hope she never looses her spark!

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