October 14, 2012

Birthday Girl * Suisun City, CA * Children's Photographer

11 years ago at this time I was laying in my bed, trying to sleep through my contractions... thinking it was just false labor. After all baby girl wasn't due to arrive for another week. My husband was at work, baby Erina was sound asleep in her new big girl bed. But I could not sleep... not a wink... by 3 am I called hubby (who worked an hour away) and told him to get his butt home.

Yup, this girl, she was ready to see the world. 

She was born ready. She's my fireball. She's fierce and knows what she wants. She's always on the move, karate kicking and horseback riding through life. She has the best imagination and is not afraid to try new things. She loves to craft & create. She would rather run than walk. She has a shy, quiet side too. She's not a big talker out in public. She's a cuddly thing and knows she'll always be my baby =).

Watching her grow up is such a joy and I hope she never looses her spark!

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