October 16, 2012

Luke & Sophia * Fort Wayne, IN * MJ Art Fair Mini

I'm almost done blogging these mini sessions from June (two more to go)! I'm sorry it took me so long to post them all, but that happens when one leaves the country and internet behind for almost the entire summer... I have to say, I do love my yearly break from technology... it forces me to slow down (but yes, I was always thrilled to find a Starbucks and at least post some pics to Instagram).

Ok, back to these two loves. Oh, what can I say about them? They are full of life!! I will never forget these kiddos, they earned "most energetic siblings" ever photographed by Monika McSweeney Photography. And I say this lovingly! I honestly liked that they were completely themselves. So don't be surprised to find many action shots below =). Luke also insisted to have his bow & arrow included, but hey, at least he actually looked at me for more than a split second ;-). 


On a side note, if these two lived local, I would totally talk their mom into a "Where the Wild Things Are" themed shoot. Luke would make such a great Max and Sophia would be the cutest Wild Thing =).

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