November 26, 2012



20% off your session fee

Good for a January, February or March 2013 session ONLY!!

That's a $30 discount, just because I love you =).

Needs to be booked & paid by midnight 11/26/2012. Only valid for sessions booked for January, February or March 2013. 

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November 22, 2012

Glimpse * Davis, CA Children's Photographer

A little peek at yesterday's session. These make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, this little girl is super lucky to have such fabulous big brothers =). There's lots of love, I could feel it right away and I think these images show it too.

Happy Thanksgiving! I'm incredibly thankful to all my clients. I couldn't do what I love without you!

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November 18, 2012

Glimpse * Suisun City, CA * Solano County Photographer

Peek at last Monday's session with a family that I absolutely adore!
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November 16, 2012

Glimpse * Vacaville, CA Family Photography

Here's a sneak peek for Miss Tamara. Thank you for being so patient with me this week =). 

For those of you who don't follow me on Facebook... we had to put down our almost 13 year old kitty on Tuesday. It's been rough. I know she was "just" a pet, but to my kids, she was a furry sister. Good news is that they already picked out a new baby sister from the shelter (yes, I totally agreed to a new cat the day after one went over the rainbow bridge). Sorry to get side tracked!! 

Tamara, I hope you enjoy this glimpse of your beautiful family. It was fun to meet your little niece too =).
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November 9, 2012

Matilda Jane Clothing * Photo Love Contest

Soooo... I entered the Matilda Jane PHOTO LOVE contest a few weeks ago. For round one I simply had to send in one picture, if the lovely ladies from Matilda Jane liked it enough, I would get to move on to round two. They had close to 1000 entries and only picked 52. And I made it!! I honestly thought I would not get picked, since I already participated in this same contest last time around. I'm so elated and honored to have a second chance! Thank you, Matilda Jane Clothing!!

For round two, all 52 photographers will receive an outfit from Matilda Jane, along with a word. Then we shoot said outfit and try to incorporate the given word. We received our outfit yesterday and I've been brainstorming ideas with my girls and a lovely friend already. Lots of creative ideas, we'll see how they work out... only time will tell ;-). Anyways, I have to send in just one image by December 5th. Matilda Jane will pick their 10 favorite images out of all 52, those 10 will go to public voting... and finally Matilda Jane will pick a winner out of the top 3. 

IF I make it to top 10, I would totally need your help. I usually don't enter any contest that requires public voting... I always feel like it's a popularity contest, whoever has the most friends wins. Let's face it, I don't have that many friends =D!!! 

But I'm getting ahead of myself. I'm just super excited that I made it through the first round. There is some amazing talent among the 52 chosen photographers and seeing my name on a list with them makes me blush. This alone is an accomplishment. I know it will be tough going from here... but it's not so much about winning, I actually love the creating part ;-).

So here's the image that I entered for round one:

And a few more from this shoot with my girl.

And how funny is this? I was playing around, wondering how Grace would look in a bokeh background action shot... so I focused on the marsh plant and had her jump over the suitcase. Doesn't she look like a little sprite? Crazy stuff!

My 12 year old daughter created a fun little video during this shoot. All the pictures and filming were done with a simple point & shoot camera and she did all the editing in i-movie. So if you want to see us in action, here ya go:

This concludes the longest blog post ever written by me :D! If you made it this far, you deserve a unicorn!
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November 6, 2012

Glimpse * Benicia, CA Family Photography

Here's a peek at yet another beautiful family! I'm feeling very blessed these days... loving my job!

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I Heart Faces Photo Challenge * Orange * November 2012

I love pictures of my daughter totally cracking up... it might not make for the best portrait, but it shows emotion. I imagine myself looking at this image in 20 or 30 years... and it will for sure make me giggle all over again.

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November 5, 2012

Glimpse * Suisun City, CA * Family Photography

Glimpse for the Larson Family! They were so much fun and their two little ladies were full of energy and silliness. And baby Luke, oh my goodness!! I went home with a big case of baby fever!

The b&w shot below... it makes me smile big. I know it's a goofy out-take... but if this was my family, I would hang it on my wall =). Mom is the only one smiling at the camera, I can see how proud she is of her beautiful family =).

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November 4, 2012

Glimpse * Vacaville, CA Children Photographer

So I'm a tad behind... Halloween week was a busy one on a personal level. Enough said. Here's a peek at Sam & Lilly. I've known these two since Sam started Kindergarten!! Love them to pieces, such fabulous kids... seriously!!

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November 1, 2012

Halloween * Suisun City, CA

Whew, Halloween has come and gone yet again! My girls had a hard time deciding on a costume this year. Erina went from President Obama to Super Woman... and ended up as a baby! And Grace planned on being a 50's diner waitress, until I found this awesome pink boxer ensemble at the thrift store (less than 10 buckeroos, boo-yah). She already owned a mouth piece and we had plenty of make-up handy for her black eye... viola, perfect little boxer girl!

They both participated in our town's parade and I had a chance to snap some pictures. I didn't bring my camera along for trick-or-treating, since it started raining. But this will do for our memory bank ;-).

Oh, and Grace won 2nd place in her age category! That means we've taken home a trophy three years in a row (last year Erina got 3rd as a peacock and the year before Grace got 1st as Pippi Longstocking).

I hope you had a fun & safe Halloween too! Now I'm off to raid the girl's buckets... I'm slightly addicted to the orange kitkat bars!

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