December 17, 2012

I need your help! Matilda Jane Photo Love Contest "Loyal"

Today is the last day to vote! I can't win this without your help =), so if you have a minute, would you head over HERE and vote? I would so appreciate it! Please make sure to click "submit" on the last page, your vote doesn't count until you get a "vote receipt". Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

And if you have three more minutes, you could watch this video that my 13 year old put together for me =). I'm such a lucky mom, my girl surprised me with this yesterday. She carries her point & shoot indestructible camera on almost all our outings and I never know what will show up in a movie! You can actually see the moment when the "loyal" image happened... it was totally unplanned, I just took Grace and Macho for a walk to see what I could capture. And then he went in for a snuggle. I clicked. And I got lucky. Loyal was created =).

The video quality isn't that fabulous and her filming a bit shaky, but I still love it!

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Nancy Wyatt said...

What an awesome video!! Great job Erina!!! Just found your blog and your photography is amazing Monika! I'm just starting out, well still learning and you are definitely an inspiration! Hugs from Conroe, TX

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