December 5, 2012

Matilda Jane Photo Love Contest * Loyal

Instructions for this part of the Matilda Jane Photo Love Contest: "In Round 2, we ask you to take this outfit and style it to match the word you have been given." 

Oh boy, did we lock out. Our word was LOYAL. Grace had a plan immediately. And I went along for the ride (ha, no pun intended). So meet Macho! He's a loyal friend to Grace. Apparently the most loyal thing in her life, since he popped to mind first. 

I had to choose just ONE image to send in. It was tough!! Super duper tough, actually!!! After a little help from friends, a decision was made... and strange enough it was the first image that I edited, because it stood out to me in an emotional way. 

Now we wait and see. I'm excited I made it this far. Top 10 would be amazing... one can dream, right?

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Anonymous said...

Love! Beautiful! You are extremely gifted. Top 10 for sure. :-)

Wendy said...

Brought tears to my eyes as I remembered my teenage love affair with a horse named Moon. Beautiful and emotional, I love every picture!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Love them all Monika!!! So much feeling in them. And Grace looks adorable. Crossing my fingers for you!

~Marla said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. Reminds me of all I hold near and dear about my childhood growing up with horses. That's not just Top Ten, that's a winner!

bridgette said...

Monika, which pic did you send in?? bridgette

Emily Crail said...

Beautiful Monika!!

chacheli-macheri said...

super schöni Fotene!!!
nur im Ross hätsch no zerscht sötte d'Zähn putze , bevor's lacht.......wiiiiher

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