December 15, 2012

TIME TO VOTE!! * Matilda Jane Photo Love Contest *

I still can't believe that my image of Grace & her Macho Boy made it to round 3 of Matilda Jane Clothing's Photo Love Contest!!! I'm incredibly thankful to have made it this far. I'm usually not a huge contest participant, but this one is close to my heart. I've been in love with Matilda Jane since 2008, they create the most adorable clothes that make my girl feel extra special. But it's not just about the clothes, it's about their giving hearts, how they spread the love wide and far. I just love them to pieces. 

It would mean the world to me to move from top 11 to top 3. That's where you come in, I can't do this one alone. See, only the three images with the most votes will have a chance at winning it all. Please read the instructions below.

Instructions for voting:

1. Click the link above
2. Click "VOTE"
3. Fill in your name and email, click "Continue" at the bottom of the page
4. Click "Submit" at the bottom right of the page (this is important, vote will not count unless you hit "submit")
5. If you see a "Vote Receipt", you're done!

You can only vote once from every IP address, so if you happen to be at Starbucks, the library or at work, I would totally appreciate a second vote!


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