February 14, 2013

Oh my Valentine!

So, Valentine's Day isn't a wildly celebrated holiday at our house. BUT... for the last 7 years, we've had to come up with cute Valentines to hand out at school. I honestly always dreaded it, last year Grace and I spent hours melting crayons to make glitter crayon hearts. Never wanted to see another crayon in my life (ha, maybe I'm a bit dramatic here). And now this year... my girls are both in Middle School. No handing out cute Valentines. No class parties. No baking for hours. No sugar high. And I sit here, missing the exact things that I dreaded in the past. What is wrong with me????

So yesterday I went and bought an overpriced balloon. Just to put me in the mood. And because I hoped I could talk Grace into a little shoot.

It worked =).

Enjoy your Valentine's Day! Hug your loved ones!

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