February 14, 2013

Oh my Valentine!

So, Valentine's Day isn't a wildly celebrated holiday at our house. BUT... for the last 7 years, we've had to come up with cute Valentines to hand out at school. I honestly always dreaded it, last year Grace and I spent hours melting crayons to make glitter crayon hearts. Never wanted to see another crayon in my life (ha, maybe I'm a bit dramatic here). And now this year... my girls are both in Middle School. No handing out cute Valentines. No class parties. No baking for hours. No sugar high. And I sit here, missing the exact things that I dreaded in the past. What is wrong with me????

So yesterday I went and bought an overpriced balloon. Just to put me in the mood. And because I hoped I could talk Grace into a little shoot.

It worked =).

Enjoy your Valentine's Day! Hug your loved ones!

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Rockhill Studio, Seattle Newborn Photographer said...

So so sweet! And that lighting is just to die for!

Jeanine Phelps said...

LOVE THESE!!!! The lighting is drool worthy!

Sara said...

She is too cute. Love the lighting as well!

Trina said...

ridiculously cute! Love all the detail you got! Great job!
Trina| Montana Senior Photographer

tonimariephotography said...

LOVE the lighting here! These images are gorgeous. :)

Nancy Wyatt said...

Amazing!! You are incredible!! Would you share what lens you shoot with? Hugs from Conroe, TX

JayS said...

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