March 19, 2013

A new favorite skirt from Piper!

I really should be blogging about my recent sessions... but I'm having the HARDEST time choosing which pictures to blog, it's always tough to just pick a few. 

So what do I do? I blog my own kid. Because it's easy. Because I only took 20 pictures. Because she has a new skirt. Makes sense, right?

Back in December, we ended up with a Matilda Jane lap dress that was way too big. I tried selling it on the boards, but had no takers. Then Sasha from Piper! piped up (ha, no pun intended) and offered to make a ruffle skirt out of the dress. And here is the beautiful result!! I'm so in love! It's a ruffly, twirly dream for every girl. To top it off, the skirt is also super comfortable, it has a yoga waistband and will probably fit Grace forever ;-)!

I bribed Grace with a special slushy... and I think she really was more interested in drinking than having her pics taken. Brain freeze might have happened too. But oh well, you get to see the cute skirt! And the homemade slushy? Simply toss a cup of crushed ice, a cup of cut strawberries and some ginger ale in the blender. It's delicious!
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